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Abortion rights advocates take to the streets in Dallas

Abortion rights advocates take to the streets across Texas
Abortion rights advocates take to the streets across Texas 03:06

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM)  Abortion rights advocates took the streets in Dallas after Fridays decision to overturn Roe vs Wade. An emotional crowd of hundreds carried signs and weighed in, voicing their frustration with the highest court in the land. 


"It's devastating, its heart breaking," Annie Scales said.  

"Women are losing their rights," Cathy Clendening said.  

Sam Rosso says even though he isn't a woman he came to be an ally. 

 "Every woman should have the right to choose for their own body," he said.  

Opponents of abortion rights say this is as a cause for celebration and a law that should've never been put in place to begin with. 


"When I heard the news, I was totally for it, I do support it," David Marshall said. "I'm totally against abortion. That is just the way i was brought up and the way that I believe." 

In a 5-4 vote the supreme court reversed course on nearly 50 years of constitutional rights of abortion.  

The ruling means abortion laws will now be decided in the states.  

More than half are expected to enact new restrictions or bans – including Texas-- where many clinics across the state have already cancelled their abortion procedures. 


Another protest was scheduled to take place in Fort Worth Saturday.

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