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Aaron Dean trial goes on 4-day break after state rests case

Aaron Dean trial goes on 4-day break after state rests case
Aaron Dean trial goes on 4-day break after state rests case 01:46

FORT WORTH, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) — The Aaron Dean murder trial started a four-day break Thursday, giving Dean's legal team plenty of time to prepare defense strategies and witnesses before next week, if they call any at all.

Expert witnesses on police training and tactics have long been a part of defense plans, with their schedules used at times earlier this year to justify delaying the trial.

After questioning state witnesses at length though, in a shorter than expected prosecution of Dean, his attorneys could decide all the questions have been answered about the night he shot Atatiana Jefferson in October 2019, and not call anyone at all.

The break gives Dean's team a long time to evaluate the first three days of questioning, according to former prosecutor and Fort Worth defense attorney Lisa Herrick, who is following developments in the case.

"They may not want to open up an opportunity for the state to question their witnesses," Herrick said. "And then of course the biggest question of all is whether Aaron dean is going to testify or not."

While there was surprise outside the courtroom the state rested earlier than expected, Herrick said that may be due in part to the expectations built up over three years of waiting for the trial.

No witnesses were brought to specifically talk to alleged police procedure violations by Dean, however several witnesses were questioned on protocols for responding to open structure calls, and a decision on if his actions amount to murder would be left up to the jury.

In all likelihood, prosecutors rested knowing Dean's team could take the case in a number of different directions Herrick said, and are likely prepared for whatever they choose Monday.

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