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5 tips when filing a homeowners claim for storm damage

Filing a claim for storm damage? What you need to know
Filing a claim for storm damage? What you need to know 02:52

LITTLE ELM ( – In the coming months, North Texas homeowners will likely face several more damaging storms like the one that blew through the area Thursday evening.

If a homeowner needs to file a claim, the policyholder advocacy organization, Texas Watch, offers these tips:

  1. Report claims immediately 
  2. Document all damage
  3. Save receipts 
  4. Be there for the inspection 
  5. Read your policy

In recent years, basic homeowner policies have become anything but standard. The wide variation of coverage plans can leave homeowners underinsured where they thought they were covered.

Wendell said one of the most important variations in policies impacts roof repairs. Some polices have "actual cash-value" coverage that takes depreciation into consideration while other are "replacement value" coverage which typically pays the cost for a new roof regardless of the age of the old one. 

Wendell said, "More and more insurance companies are trying to push people into actual cash polices that covers a lot less because it doesn't pay you for depreciation. You have to pay for that yourself. So look for polices that cover replacement cost coverage if you want more protection."

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