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Wild, Hours-Long Police Chase Caught On Camera Ends With Suspect Tased In Oklahoma Field

OKLAHOMA CITY (CBS) -- The driver of a stolen pickup truck led police in the Oklahoma City area onto Interstate highways, through neighborhoods and farm fields, leaving pursuing officers in a cloud of dust.

Aerial news cameras caught the action as the truck cut through parking lots, squeezed through gates and crossed double yellow lines, barely missing oncoming traffic.

For nearly three hours, police chased 25 year-old Brenton Hager, who went on Facebook Live during the part of the pursuit.

Police threw stop-sticks in front of the truck several times but the driver always managed to get around them. Several times officers had their guns trained on the suspect but didn't shoot. He stopped at one point to pull a tool box out of the back of the pickup. That's when someone with a pistol shot out his left rear tire.

Bystander Shoots Out Tire of Stolen Pickup in Oklahoma Police Chase (CBS)
A bystander takes aim at a fleeing pickup truck's tires during a police pursuit in Oklahoma. (CBS)

Hager continued driving on the rim, slicing crop circles into the fields.

The chase got tense when a police car rammed the pickup -- almost sending it into a news van. The truck finally came to a stop in a field after Hager backed into a pond. He revved his tires to try to get out, then jumped out and started running. That's when police ended it with a stun gun and led the suspect off in handcuffs.

Local news reports say the truck was stolen from someone's driveway a week ago.

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