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San Jose's 'Jungle' Homeless Encampment Mostly Vacant Ahead Of Eviction Deadline

SAN JOSE (KCBS) — It's been called one of the largest homeless encampments in the U.S., but Wednesday was move-out day for many of the more than 200 residents of "The Jungle" at Coyote Creek, south of downtown San Jose.

On Monday, city and Santa Clara County officials issued a 72-hour-notice for residents to vacate the premises for health reasons, citing the unsanitary and unsafe conditions of the complex. People, mostly living in tents and outdoors, officially have until 6 a.m. Thursday to vacate the land.

San Jose's

City officials estimate there are only about 50 people still living at the encampment, but when KCBS reporter Mike Colgan walked through on Wednesday, very few people were seen. He was told most were out looking for another place to stay because of the mass displacement.

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Jason did not give his last name, but said he's been in The Jungle for over a year. He added that he's not sorry to see it go.

"I'm kind of glad that it's happening; too much drama going on down there. People getting into physical fights, people are getting stabbed down there. People are getting shot. People are even getting themselves beat up for no reason. People are getting shot over two dollars! It's ridiculous," he said.

San Jose homeless outreach manager Ray Bramson said housing has been found for some of the encampment's former residents.

"Anyone who's been working with us; we've been at the site for months and months, providing services, providing outreach. We're committed to try and find those people who are engaged, finding housing, stability, shelter and support," he said.

Bramson said they expect to have the entire site cleared by December 19th.

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