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San Francisco Assemblyman Phil Ting Makes Stunning Extramarital Affair Apology On Social Media

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- Long-time San Francisco Assemblyman Phil Ting took to social media Saturday, issuing a public apology to his family, fellow lawmakers and constituents for having an extramarital affair.

A conservative website revealed the affair on Friday, claiming the relationship may have impacted his handling of business as the powerful chairman of the Assembly Budget Committee.

In a lengthy Twitter string, Ting apologized and said the affair had not influenced his duties in Sacramento.

"To My Family, Constituents and Colleagues:

I am writing to offer each and every one of you a direct apology that my personal behavior has hurt you. Some of you might have seen a report in a right-wing online site alleging that my advocacy for workers was motivated by by a relationship outside of my marriage. The allegation that my bills or votes were ever driven by any personal consideration is false. I have fought for the rights of working people my entire adult life."

"But I was not faithful to my marriage vows and for that, I am deeply, deeply sorry. I am making my apologies to my family directly and privately and ask, for their sake, the private space to do so."

"I violated my family's trust and I must now work, to the extent that I am able, to heal the wounds I have caused them and all of you. I will continue to do my best to represent my district and to work with my colleagues to address the many challenges facing our state."

The post drew a mixed reaction.

Senator Scott Wiener, who represents San Francisco in the state legislature, posted: "Thank you for this sincere expression about a deeply painful situation. I wish you & your family the best in moving through this."

Rene Hinojosa posted: "As a constituent, I appreciate your honesty. As a fellow, flawed human being I'd like to remind everyone that no one is perfect and what we have here is simply an example of humanity. To err is human and so is forgiveness. But then again, so is being judgemental."

Others were not as forgiving.

DaPnkDmd posted: "Step down"

Mary Powell felt likewise: "I am so disappointed."

Union Street SF posted: "You lost my confidence in your representation of our city. Shows signs of selfishness and all about me policy not thinking of your family. Not a good BEAR Bear face in the Cal Family eyes."

While DePaul Priveto posted: "Good timing, get this out there in the middle of a pandemic, racial upheaval, political corruption and hope nobody notices. Good grief."

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