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Puerto Rican Pop Star Makes Charity Visit To Dreamforce

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) -- Latin pop superstar Luis Fonsi dropped everything when he was asked to perform his hit song in at Dreamforce in San Francisco to help a special cause close to his heart.

The mini-concert happened earlier Wednesday in the middle of the world's biggest software convention.

"Despacito" is the most watched video ever on YouTube with more than 4 billion views and counting. It has surpassed its closest competitor by about a million hits.

Fonsi performed the mega hit during Dreamforce at Moscone Center Wednesday morning.

"It really pays homage to the island and sort of the happy vibe that Puerto Ricans have," said Fonsi told KPIX 5 during an interview.

Fonsi shot the video in Puerto Rico, where he was born. He chose the notorious crime ridden barrio called La Perla as the backdrop.

"La Perla is such a special place. So colorful, full of energy, located sort of on the side of old San Juan right there," explained Fonsi. "And I just thought that it would be a correct place to show people what we're all about and get away from the traditional beach, palm tree, pina colada Puerto Rico and go more into the people."

Fonsi helped transform La Perla into the most visited neighborhood in Puerto Rico. The destruction of the area during Hurricanes Irma and Maria saddened the pop singer.

"It's such a beautiful place. And La Perla before the hurricane needed a lot of renovations and we were working so hard to really get them going," said Fonsi. "And now after Hurricane Irma and of course Hurricane Maria, just like the rest of the island, La Perla is completely destroyed."

Luis is hoping his star power will keep the help coming. He's made several trips to the island to deliver supplies.

The invitation to help Salesforce raise $1 million for Puerto Rico relief efforts came from Maria Martinez, the President of Salesforce Success Cloud and Latin America who grew up on the island.

"I decided to write a letter to him and just tell him about my story and what we're doing and just a commitment of the Salesforce community to really not only help with money but with people, technology, and everything that we can," said Martinez.

Fonsi promptly changed his European tour plans to make a quick stop at Dreamforce.

"When we come together, we create great things. And I want to thank you for what you're doing," Fonsi told Martinez onstage at the Dreamforce event. "I hope we get to that million and I hope we keep on doing great things for that beautiful little island, la Isla del Encanto, Puerto Rico."

At last check, the money raised for the fund was about $50,000 short of the $1 million goal.

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