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Nancy O'Dell On The Host-Less 2019 Oscars: 'You Might See This Become A Trend'

The 2019 Oscars are in the books and what a night it was! Last night saw heart throbbing performances, unexpected winners and the first ever host-less Oscars ceremony.

CBS Local's Matt Weiss caught up with Entertainment Tonight's Nancy O'Dell earlier today to break down the show's best moments and biggest winners.

MW- Good morning Nancy!

NO- Morning Matt!

MW- Another awards show in the books and this one had a rather unique twist as this year's Oscars were hostless. Things seemed to run pretty smoothly though watching at home, what did you feel like was the consensus around having an awards show with no host?

NO- I thought it went really well! I thought they set the right tone opening up with Queen and Adam Lambert. It just gave the impression things were going to move fast and there was going to be a lot of energy; rock and roll! It was a great way to open it up and it got things moving. Then we had Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler come out and it was a great way to kick it off.

MW- Considering it went so smoothly without a host, do you think that could become a trend moving forward?

NO- I think it could! The reason I say that is because that is such a thankless job. Being a host of one of those ceremonies is so tough because even if you do a tremendous job there is always going to be somebody who criticizes you, it will always happen. So I think it's very difficult to find the right host anyways because it is such a tough job.

Not having a host would lessen having to find someone and worrying about it. The Oscars did well and so in the future you might see this become a trend.

MW- Another big story of the night was Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's performance. The two of them just seem to have such amazing chemistry, what did you think of the two of them on stage last night?

NO- I loved it! This was probably the most highly anticipated performance of the night. We had seen Bradley perform live before so we knew that he could but could you imagine the pressure he must have been feeling? He's performing with Lady Gaga who does this all the time so it's so easy for her and here he is, singing is kind of new for him, I thought it was so much fun.

We spoke to the producers and directors of the show on the red carpet and they said that Bradley directed the performance himself. He is a director now having directed A Star Is Born and he directed that whole performance himself. I thought it was beautifully done the way they simply came out of the audience. They just held each other's hand and walked up on stage with no big flair or hoopla there wasn't any big production.  It was all so simple in the way it unfolded and then all of a sudden you hear the music for "Shallow" and everyone was like, 'is this it?!' It was such a great build up. I thought they did a great job and it sounded really good. It's no easy task to perform with Lady Gaga.

I spoke to both Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper on the red carpet before hand and I asked him if he was nervous and he said he was good and that his mom was way more nervous than he was [laughs]. I asked Gaga and the way she reacted was really cute, she just said how he's so grounded and so cool and so calm always.

MW- Lady Gaga has such an amazing singing career and then knocks it out of the park in her first starring role in a feature film and then you have Bradley Cooper, an accomplished actor who decides to be a singer and he's great at that too. Must be nice to be that talented...

NO- I know right? That's exactly what I was thinking. Not only that but they are two of the nicest people you'll ever meet. So sweet and gracious and appreciate where they are.

MW- Now wrapped around the issue of not having a host and the amazing performances, there was an award show to get to as well. What did you think of the awards as a whole?

NO- I loved the awards as a whole! I thought it was a great year for movies and a great year for performances. I think Rami Malek's performance as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody is going to go down as one of the all-time great performances because if you look at him and then you look at old footage, it's just amazing how he got all the character's nuances and motions and then having to go up there and perform like a rock star while doing the acting behind it - he was so deserving of that win.

Then Green Book winning for best picture, I loved that movie. I think that's a movie that's going to go down as a classic that you can watch over and over and over. I think it had a great message. I also think A Star Is Born, even though Bradley didn't take home a win but Lady Gaga coming over from music and "Shallow" becoming such a huge song, I think it's going to be like the "Titanic" song as one of those tunes that just lives on forever. There were a lot of memorable moments.

MW- It was a fun one for sure, just what you want out of these kinds of shows. Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today, Nancy! Always a pleasure!

NO- Always nice to talk to you Matt! Take care!

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