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Neighbors struggle to make sense of tragic killing spree in San Jose

SAN JOSE --  Two days after a deadly South Bay rampage took the lives of three victims, residents and authorities continue to ask questions about why it happened.

Maria Navarro is still trying to comprehend the carnage that took place just a few steps away from her house last Thursday. Her neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Pham, were tragically run over by suspect Kevin Parkourana during a horrifying killing spree.

"I feel nervous and stressed because if that happened to people who were working in their own home, imagine what could happen here," Navarro said, gesturing to the sidewalk of Santa Clara Street. 

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She says she's grateful to be alive, but devastated to see what happened to her neighbors.

"I feel very sad. Very sad because we never imagined that they were going to die," Navarro added.

The motive behind the attack remains unknown as the investigation continues, leaving neighbors like Jenny Carranza desperate for answers. Expressing her frustration, she questioned the perpetrator's mindset

"I wanna know what he was thinking. That's what I wanna know. When he drives up in a driveway and mows people down... that's crazy. And when they arrested him, he showed no remorse," said Carranza. "You can see that he didn't care about what he did."

CBS News Bay Area has reached out to the police department for updates on the investigation, but there was no new information available as of Saturday evening. Additionally, the identity of the third victim who was reportedly stabbed at the Smart and Final parking lot in Milpitas has not been confirmed.

Meanwhile, the community stands in solidarity, offering support and condolences to the each other.

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