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Massive Waves, Strong Winds Expected At Mavericks This Weekend


HALF MOON BAY (KCBS) – Surf will be up, way up, at Mavericks this Saturday. But big wind and big waves don't mix well, so the famed surf contest is not expected to be held.

A large storm front is expected to take aim at Northern and Central California said Mark Sponsler, lead forecaster for

"Surf heights are expected in the 60 to 70 foot range, hitting at Mavericks Saturday morning," Sponsler told KCBS.

While the surf will be huge, the conditions are not good for a surf competition.

"The issue is of course, wind," Sponsler said.

Winds are expected to be 20 knots per hour.

Sponsler explained, "Mavericks is extremely sensitive to wind. And subtle changes in the forecast can be the difference between a go and a no go."

While gale force winds make conditions extremely dangerous, Sponsler said surfers and fans should not worry.

"There are many opportunities in the coming months," he said.

The window for mavericks is open until March 31st.

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