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Larry Magid: Microsoft To End Support For Windows 7

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Microsoft says it will end support for several of its products including Windows 7. Consumers are wondering if there will be a new operating system before then.

Back in April we talked about how Microsoft would end support for Windows XP. Really this just goes to show that every product has a lifecycle. Microsoft has a web page (it's a little obscure) where they list the lifecycle of all their products.

Basic support ends January 13, 2015, but extended support goes beyond that until 2020. Theoretically, in terms of major upgrades and improvements, they will end in another six months. For the next five years, you'll still get security updates.

Microsoft To End Support For Windows 7

I am a bit puzzled by the move since millions use Windows 7, in fact when the support for XP ended they actually promoted 7 and 8 as an alternative.

With support for Vista out, it looks like everyone is getting pushed to Windows 8, but the problem is not everyone likes it. I have it on my computer, but I've bent over backwards to disable a lot of its functions to make it resemble Windows 7.

Many companies are still using Windows XP, but you have to remember that really makes you a sitting duck to malware and viruses without either any or the full support on Microsoft's behalf.

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