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Witnesses to South Bay rampage recount terrifying scene that left couple dead

Witnesses to South Bay rampage recount shocking scenes
Witnesses to South Bay rampage recount shocking scenes 01:37

SAN JOSE -- Neighbors of two of the victims who died in Thursday's crime spree were reeling Friday from the senseless attack that hit so close to home. 

Francisca -- one witness who declined to give her last name -- is a longtime San Jose resident who lives next to the couple who lost their lives during suspect Kevin Parkourana's brutal South Bay rampage.

"It hurts to know that someone can come and take someone's life away. No, it's not fair," Francisca said.

The two victims, identified by Francisca as Mr. and Mrs. Pham, were among the three who died at the suspect's hand.

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Parkourana drove to the intersection of E. Santa Clara St. and 16th St., where he appeared to intentionally strike three pedestrians, according to the police. The other person survived.

"I heard a loud noise and ran out of my apartment without even wearing shoes, because I saw two people who seemed to have been run over by someone," Francisca added.

Francisca had the chance to meet another neighbor, Jenny Carranza, at a vigil held outside the victims' house.

"That was crazy. I mean, to pull in our driveway, hit them, and leave...something must've been wrong with him. And then go on a rampage. These people didn't deserve it. All they did was work on their house," Carranza said.

Thursday's rampage began in San Jose around 3:10 p.m. when the first stabbing was reported at Kooser Road and Dellwood Way. The second stabbing was reported roughly 20 minutes later in the 1800 block of Hillsdale Avenue.

The suspect left the scene and struck a pedestrian as they fled, according to police.

When asked during a Friday news conference if there was a commonality to the victims who were attacked, San Jose chief of police Anthony Mata replied, "No. [It was] just random. Random attacks, like was mentioned, senseless acts that this individual committed."  

Eventually, the suspect arrived at the location where the memorial now stands and ran over the couple.

"The last couple of days, all they did was work on the house. They were friendly. They said hi to everyone. She would walk their dog, and she never bothered anybody, ever," Carranza explained.

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