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Is San Francisco Prepared For Disaster While The Bay Bridge Is Closed?

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) -- Many of San Francisco's first responders including, police, fire, and other emergency personnel, live in the East Bay. So what would the city do if disaster were to strike while the Bay Bridge is closed?

There is an old disaster plan in place to get responders into the city while the bridge is down; meaning they would have first access to public transit, according to Fire Department Spokeswoman Mindy Talmage.

"They're all disaster service workers. They all have identification and they would have first right to use whatever public transportation was available," she said.

Is San Francisco Prepared For Disaster While The Bay Bridge Is Closed?

Many police officers also live in the East Bay, but Sgt. Dennis Toomer said they will have no trouble getting back to the city they're needed in.

"So those officers who live over there (such as myself) would definitely try to find an alternate route; make sure we get into work and be of assistance in any way we can," he said.

Bijan Karimi of the Office of Emergency Services hosted a call with all first responders last week to review the city's emergency plan in preparation for this bay bridge closure.

"The bridge has been closed before, albeit for a shorter period of time and we're using the same procedures as before and they've been shown to be very effective, Karimi said.

There will be extra police on duty and full staffing at both the fire department and 911.

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