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Two Dogs Trapped Between Lava And Fence Rescued In Hawaii

PUNA, HI (CBS Local) - Two tiny dogs in Hawaii, who ran away during the island's volcano evacuations, have been rescued after they were found trapped between a fence and the dangerous lava flows.

The Details:

  • Two dogs trapped by lava flows in Hawaii have been rescued
  • The dogs ran from emergency workers who were evacuating their owner
  • A local non-profit pitched in to help find the dogs and bring them to safety

Brus and Little Dude were lost for 10 days after the duo panicked and ran from firefighters who were at the Leilani Estates to take their owner, Carol Hosley, to safety. Aloha Ilio Rescue, the same group Hosley adopted Brus from six months earlier, started a search for the pups amid the island's terrifying volcanic activity.

Workers for the local non-profit luckily found the dogs on May 13 near a lava vent in the Puna area. "We've been looking for him for 10 days, and we've just kept going back, and going back," Aloha Ilio Rescue president Daylynn Kyles told Hawaii News Now.

"They were stuck behind a fence, and they couldn't get out because the lava had surrounded them," Kyles added. "It was crazy." Rescue workers said that the two dogs were terrified and had been bitten by red ants, but were not seriously injured.

Unknown to Aloha Ilio Rescue at the time, the daring rescue of Brus and Little Dude took place near the 17th fissure to open during Hawaii's ongoing eruptions. "It sounded like a freight train. You just heard these constant, big booms," Kyles told reporters.

Hosley is one of nearly 2,000 residents to be evacuated because of the deadly lava flows. Her pets are reportedly staying with Aloha Ilio until she can be relocated to a safe and permanent residence. "The other stuff is stuff, but I got the dogs," the grateful owner added.

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