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Harrowing Video Shows Tense Battle Against Late October Vallejo Fire

VALLEJO (KPIX) -- Incredible new video of firefighters rushing to save a home directly in the path of a fast-moving fire last month revealed just how close the blaze came to spreading into a Vallejo neighborhood.

The new home surveillance video shows just how close the October 27th Vallejo Glen Cove fire came to causing widespread damage. Vallejo Firefighters said one home was in the direct path of the fastest moving fire ever recorded in the town.

Vallejo resident Diana Dowling remembers that day well.

"It's very scary! I have a hose. People were out here trying to hose the thing. That ain't going to do it!" exclaimed Dowling.

One neighbor who didn't want to go on camera said the flames were arching over the top of the houses. The video shows how initially the smoke is moving right to left as the flames edge away from the house. Suddenly, the wind shifts and the fire explodes right towards the house.

Embers and heat scorched the home but Vallejo firefighters fought back.

"Those guys were here immediately! And we have -- over on Water View -- two houses that took flames in the back yard," explained Dowling. "And they were there and they were able to get them out before it got to the house."

The fire burned 150 acres, but at the end of the day, not a single home was lost. Neighbors said even after the fire was out, the Vallejo Fire department continued to patrol throughout the night and next day.

Diane Dowling says she is grateful that the fire wasn't much worse.

"I feel blessed and I think everybody else does too," said Dowling.

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