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Giants Celebratory Butt Slap Goes Viral

SAN FRANCSICO (CBS SF) - A YouTube video of Giants infielders celebrating a big hit against the Dodgers Friday is going viral online.

As First Reported by the SF Gate Giants Blog 'The Splash', First Baseman Aubrey Huff may have been a little over amped when teammate Marco Scutaro hit a two run single that eventually led to the Giants' series opening 5-2 victory over the rival Dodgers Friday. Huff celebrated the single by slapping fellow reserve Ryan Theriot on the rear end.

As the video shows, Theirot seemed to get the better end of the exchange, with Huff wincing, and shaking his hand immediately after slapping Theiriot.

Huff's Hand - 0, Theriot's Butt - 1 by Kevin Brookhouser on YouTube

According to 'The Splash', Theriot said he was still focused on the base runners, and attributed his lack of response to his high tolerance for pain.

Huff has a history of excessive celebration. He sprained his knee and went on the disabled list in June celebrating Matt Cain's perfect game.

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