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Family, Friends Remember Dixon Teens Killed By Electrified Bridge While Rescuing Dog

DIXON (KPIX 5) -- A vigil was held in Dixon Tuesday evening as family and friends gathered to remember the lives of Jacob Hourmouzus and Jacob Schneider, who were electrocuted trying to save a dog.

It was an emotional night at Hall Memorial Park as family members of the two boys were joined by friends to mourn and grieve together. Hourmouzus's father greeted the crowd, thanking them for attending the vigil.

"I love that everyone came together for him," he said. "That's what he would want."

Hourmouzus's dad was overcome with emotion seeing the large crowd gather to honor his son's life. It was just Monday when Hourmouzus and his friend Jacob Schneider were on a walk when they noticed a dog fell from a bridge and into a canal.

They managed to grab the dog, but when they reached up to hold onto the bridge, they were electrocuted, not knowing the bridge was energized. Two friends, a boy and a girl, pulled them out unconscious and called 911.

"My son died being a good boy and he paid the ultimate price for it," said Candy Carrillo, Hourmouzus's mother.

Tuesday night, it was a chance to grieve with the community as family members hugged, cried and shared stories of the two boys.

"Jake was an inspiration and we will miss him," said Joy Branco, Hourmouzus's grandmother.

Their closest friends wore sweatshirts with their favorite pictures printed on them. Their fellow classmates from Dixon High School are still somewhat in disbelief that both Jacobs are gone.

Kayla Bryant, a friend said, "When I found out, it wasn't real to me. It really hurt."

The one thing that makes any sense to his friends is that Jacob died doing what came natural to him. To help others in need and the large turnout represents what the boys meant to their community.

"This is pretty much the whole town right here, the fact that we can all come to together is powerful, not many places can do that," said classmate Tyler Boston.

The question remains: why was the bridge energized in the first place? PG&E came out right away and turned off what energized the bridge so investigators can get to bottom of the incident.

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