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ConsumerWatch Mommy Blogger Challenge: Thanksgiving Dinner

(KCBS) - As if the holidays weren't hard enough on the pocket book, the staples for your holiday meal are about to get more expensive. Due to the drought, everything from turkey to cider is expected to cost 5-20% more this year.

So we're turning to the experts with our 2012 ConsumerWatch Mommy Blogger Challenge. Calling all Mommy Bloggers (and any other frugal folks)… We need your creative money savings ideas.

We'll go shopping with the person who comes up with the lowest total price on the following items and feature her (or his) creative money saving tips on CBS 5.

The Challenge Ingredients – Dinner for 10 (Source-Dining Alliance):
- 16-18oz Turkey (Price up 5% over 2011)
- Stuffing (Up 4%)
- Canned Corn (Up 2%)
- Canned Peas or Green Beans (Up 2%)
- Cranberry Sauce (Fresh or canned – Up 2%)
- Pumpkin Pie (Up 4%)
- Apple Cider (Up 20%)
- Mashed Potatoes (Down 20%!)
- 1lb Butter (Up 5%)
- 48oz Cooking Oil (Up 5%)
- Gravy

Send your shopping list to complete with price, store and/or coupon for each item. Feel free to get creative with a variety of stores and discounts. We'll go shopping Friday Nov 16. You don't need to be a mommy blogger to participate.

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