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Gold Treasure In 'Saddle Ridge Hoard' May Have Been From 1899 SF Mint Heist

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- Gold coins from what may be the greatest buried treasure in U.S. history were possibly from an unsolved heist at the San Francisco Mint.

Last week it was announced that a couple found nearly 1,500 uncirculated gold coins dated from 1847 to 1894 buried in cans on the grounds of their property in the Sierra Foothills. The coins, many of which were in mint condition, are estimated at a value of $10 million. That collection is now being called the "Saddle Ridge Hoard."

As the San Francisco Chronicle reports, the face value of the coins is $27,000--just $3,000 shy of the total reported stolen from the mint in late 1899.

The coins were in perfect condition, and in chronological order. One of the coins was also missing the words "In God We Trust," which could indicate the coin was kept in the mint, and out of circulation, but officials have not confirmed that.

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