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Steve reports weekdays and anchors weekends.

13 Questions With... Steve Large

  1. Where did you grow up? San Francisco
  2. What is your ideal scenario for a day off? Enjoying a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper, playing with my kids, and leisurely making and eating a meal with my family.
  3. How did you decide to be a reporter/anchor? I grew up watching the nightly news with my family and was hooked!
  4. What was your favorite toy growing up? A Hot Wheels track. My mom actually saved it and now my son plays with it.
  5. Where is your favorite local place to eat? Selland's in East Sacramento
  6. What is your favorite social media platform? Twitter @largesteven
  7. What is the most memorable story you've covered at CBS13/CW31? I am proud of my report on former 49er Terry Tautolo who was suffering from the impact of head injuries and was living homeless. After my report, he received an outpouring of support (including from his college coach Dick Vermeil). He is doing much better now. (You can see that story HERE and the follow-up HERE.)
  8. What is your favorite season? Fall
  9. Who is the fellow reporter/anchor you text the most? Julissa
  10. When do you wake up on a workday? Weekend? 7 am on weekdays. As late as possible on weekends.
  11. Where was your best vacation ever? Loved traveling across Europe and staying in hostels as a young college graduate.
  12. Favorite sport to watch in person? On TV? In-person - NBA, on TV - NFL.
  13. Favorite TV show? Movie? Rudy! (Editor's note: Julissa Ortiz, Steve's wife, disputes this and says Steve's favorite movie is actually Braveheart. Steve was surprised to hear that.)

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