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Young Ghost Hunters Search For Spirits On Halloween Night

COLOMA (CBS13) -- A group of students went hunting for ghosts on this Halloween night.

These teenagers are paranormal investigators and they've got all the equipment just like you see on TV shows. Monday night, they went checking for ghosts and spirits at the Sierra Nevada House.

Tucked away in Gold Rush country, sits a quaint little restaurant and lodge dating back to the 1850s. And the tales behind it are legendary.

CBS13's Laura Cole joined the students, three high school sophomores, as they sought out clues about the spirit known as Isabella.

"She's a spirit so she comes and goes at will."

Why do they do it?

"It's like a thriller because you don't know what's going to happen," Cassie explains.

Howard Penn owns the inn. He says the tale of Isabella begins with her losing the man she loved to another woman. They say she died of a broken heart.

But is she still here?

"We'll see a martini glass like right where you are sitting right now slide down the bar about this fast until it gets to you and then it will stop," Penn says.

So Team Ghost used their infrared gear and electromagnetic tools to investigate

They were asking questions, and kinda getting an answer.

"Can you make a something move or a sound or a knock or anything?" they ask Isabella.

A sound comes from somewhere ... "We think we've found a friendly spirit."

The three teens say they never charge for investigations and their goal is to help people who are afraid to live in a home that's haunted.

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