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Social Media Sleuths Track Down Contractor's Stolen 'G-Ride' Jeep Grand Wagoneer

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — One of the first crimes of the new year has been solved by social media.

"She might not look like she did off the showroom floor, but she treats me good," said Doug Tolson.

He was worried he might never see his Jeep Grand Wagoneer again.

"She's kind of old like me, she's got a couple rattles," he said.

The distinctive vehicle with faux wood paneling was stolen from a West Sacramento neighborhood on New Year's Day.

"Back in the day this was the king of the highway, this was one of the first SUV's," he said.

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The car is almost like a member of his family, even with her own name, "The G Ride."

Doug has been a contractor for more than 20 years and knows the power of media. He's been on Good Day Sacramento before and appeared on the DIY Network.

So after calling police, he decided to shift gears and post his plight on Facebook

"Hey friends help me out, help me find my girl, and it went crazy it went nuts over 900 shares," Tolson said.

Less than 24 hours later he got a phone call from a follower.

"'I think I saw your car,' I met him over there and my god it was!" he exclaimed.

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The jeep was found two miles away in the Raley's parking lot without a scratch

"I got there and it was still in one piece, that's the part that blew me away," he said.

But it appears the thieves took advantage of her large cargo capacity.

"They used it to drive around and do a lot of theft on other people, unfortunately, so when I showed up to it was full of other people's property," Tolson added.

A man and his favorite ride were reunited and ready for many more miles of adventure.

"Social media can be good or bad and in this case it's good, the G-ride is back home," he said.

Doug believes the thieves were able to find the "hide a key," a mistake he says he won't make again.

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