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Sacramento Warning Residents To Check Trees Ahead Of Potentially Wet Winter

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Forecasters are expecting heavier than normal rainfall this winter because of El Nino, and it could wreak havoc on the landscape.

Sacramento is warning residents to check on their trees, as well as city trees nearby you as the city continues its inspections.

Sacramento city forester Joe Benassini says the pre-emptive maintenance could be critical in what may be a very wet next few months.

"We don't know really want to expect this year," he said.

Still, they're preparing and crews are fanning out across the city limits, trimming trees and identifying any remaining trees that may have been so drought-affected, they won't come back to life.

It's estimated that nearly 12 million trees have died during the state's drought. Those dead trees could topple when they're suddenly inundated with water, becoming a huge liability for home and property owners.

Benassini recommends calling an arborist if you have any concerns.

"Our biggest issues come with saturated soils and high winds, so when we have sustained, long term rains coupled with high winds, that really when we start to have problems," he said.

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