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Sacramento Girl Throws Party For Homeless Women And Children

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Her acts of kindness have been seen across the globe, and Monday, an 11-year-old Sacramento girl celebrated her year long kindness campaign, by throwing a big party for homeless women and children.

Leah Nelson started the "becuzicare11" campaign exactly one year ago.

An act of kindness to celebrate a year long campaign; a massive surprise party for 150 women and children battling homelessness in Sacramento.

Laura Jaster, a guest in Sacramento's Saint John's Program, said, "It brings up the morale because this is a tough situation for all of us."

The party was the idea of Nelson, a girl with a mission to spread kindness across the globe.

"You put your heart and soul into it, and good things will come out of it," said Nelson.

One year ago, Nelson created the "becuzicare11" campaign. Her father, Charles said, "She just really wanted to do something to see the world change."

So, she made and sold bracelets to remind people to be kind and to pay it forward. Her efforts raised a thousand dollars, and every penny went into Monday's party at Sacramento's Saint John's Program, which was complete with a DJ, a bounce house and taco, ice cream and game trucks. Leah says it's the perfect way to celebrate the year anniversary of her campaign launch and it's sole purpose- making others feel special.

Nelson said, "We're just showing these kids that they're valued and they can still have fun sometimes no matter what position they're in. I mean, you can just chill and be a kid."

A movement that one year later is still a success, with an 11-year-old impacting lives through random acts of kindness.

You can follow Leah Nelson on Facebook: https://www.Facebook.Com/becuzicare11/ or on Twitter @becuzicare11

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