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Veteran Skydiver Who Died After Parachute Failure Identified

LODI (CBS13) – The skydiver who died at the Lodi Parachute Center over the weekend has been identified.

The center says 62-year-old Nina Mason, Colorado resident, was the parachutist killed in the accident. She was jumping with her husband and the pair were well-known at the center, having jumped out of Lodi several times.

It's the fifth parachuting death in the past three years involving skydivers launching from the facility in Acampo.

In 2017, almost half of the 24 jumpers who died in the u-s faced malfunctions. The others failed to safely land a canopy being the second deadliest cause and different factors for the others according to the US Parachute Association.

Since 1999, 16 people have died after taking off from the Acampo facility.



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