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Natomas Robbery Suspect Arrested After Returning To Crime Scene To Get His Phone

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - An alleged thief surprised police by returning to the scene of the crime after forgetting something he apparently was not willing to live without.

Eloghosa Adolor had made a clean getaway. The 21-year-old is accused of walking into a Kohl's in Natomas Sunday afternoon and walking out with stuff he didn't pay for.

When he was stopped by security, Sacramento police say he allegedly assaulted a loss prevention officer.

That's when Adolor made a run for it. By the time police got here, he was long gone. But after realizing he had dropped his cellphone during the alleged felonious frenzy, Adolor made a move for his smart phone that, well, wasn't so smart.

"Really? That's kind of stupid," said one shopper.

Adolor returned for it; and, when he did, police were waiting.

"That's ridiculous. He should've just kept going. To come back is ridiculous," said another shopper.

"If you're gonna try and get away with something like that, why would you come back for your smart phone?"

"It's just ridiculous. It's just one of those stupid human stories where the guy that fumbles goes back to the scene of the crime. It just amazes me."

Police were amazed and thankful. Adolor had not only lost his phone, but now his freedom -- busted for felony robbery and battery.

This alleged criminal nearly got away until he dialed up a decision that delivered him back to the scene of the crime.

Adolor is still without his smart phone tonight, while he is being held at Sacramento County Jail on $60,000 bail.

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