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Modesto Father Says Medical Marijuana Helped Calm Son's Seizures

MODESTO (CBS13) - "Oh my gosh! These are the new seizures Jayden's having!"

Those are the words uttered by Jason David, a frightened father documenting his son's seizures on cellphone video, at 4 a.m., despite the nearly two-dozen medications doctors are treating him with.

The Modesto father was at a loss -- nothing he or the doctors did was helping control his 7-year-old's seizures. He was desperate for help or else he believed his son would die.

To say Jason was desperate is an understatement, but he did what any devoted dad would do -- he tried everything but ultimately found his miracle in marijuana.

"Jayden was suffering and dying and I was wearing out," says Jason. "I was losing it."

"I asked God for a sign," he goes on to say, "and the first sign he showed me was medical marijuana."

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