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Lodi residents say they've seen an increase in crime after Friday's deadly shooting

Lodi residents react to Friday's deadly shooting
Lodi residents react to Friday's deadly shooting 02:06

LODI - The search continues for the suspect involved in that deadly shooting at a Lodi business Friday night. With the recent shootings in the past two months, people say they're noticing an increase in crime activity.

From theft and burglary to shootings and homicide, those who live in Lodi say they are noticing a change in their city, mainly with crime.

"Yeah, it definitely has increased. Maybe a year ago, got my service truck hit three times, stole about six grand worth of tools," Todd Virnoche said. 

Locals like the Virnoche family, who have lived in Lodi since the 90s, say they've noticed the change.

"There's a lot going on everywhere," Laurie Virnoche said. "A lot of homelessness now going on, so a lot of things have changed over the last 10 years, I would say."

In the past two months, Lodi has seen more homicides in the area.

"More people are shooting real quick," Todd said. "I haven't heard many murders, but definitely, people are pulling the guns out."

In October, authorities arrested a man suspected of shooting and killing two people in Lodi.

Another suspect was charged with first-degree murder for shooting and killing a homeless individual in that same month.

Last week in November, a teen was shot and killed on Hale Road.

And Friday night, police continue to search for the suspect in the deadly shooting at a Lodi business.

Those in the downtown area say that despite noticing crime, they still feel relatively safe in the city.

"I still feel fine," a man said. "I mean, that's the thing that happens in places right now."

"I feel like it's a good town. I mean, everywhere is unsafe; we can't live in fear," Laurie said. 

CBS13 reached out to the Lodi Police Department on Saturday to get the latest on Friday's shooting investigation and is working to get a response. 

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