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Police Say Gunman Aimed To Take More Lives In Shooting Of Davis Officer

DAVIS (CBS13) — As new details emerge about the gunman who shot a local police officer, the investigators reveal he aimed to take even more lives.

This, as a father mourns his daughter who followed in his footsteps. A young officer who talked about her excitement for the future after she made it through the police academy just a few short months ago.

Tonight many remember Natalie Corona, the young rookie who was shot and killed in the line of duty.

Davis police chief Darren Pytel recounted a routine call that turned terrifying in a press conference Friday evening.

He said the suspect took aim at officer Corona after riding up to the scene of the crash on his bicycle, hiding in the shadows. Pytel said the suspect then ambushed Corona with gunfire as she stood in the street wrapping up with the drivers.

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Corona fell to the ground with a single gunshot to the neck, but Pytel said the suspect continued firing, unloading a magazine from a semi-automatic handgun.

After that, police said the suspect reloaded twice more, firing off shots in all directions, including at a firefighter whose boot was hit. The scene was riddled with shell casings and bullet holes in a firetruck, a home, and a woman's textbook inside her backpack.

Pytel said the suspect then took off from the scene, making a loop around the block back to his home where he met with his roommate, "and didn't show any signs he was involved with the incident."

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Only the suspect left a backpack behind. A witness spotted it and investigators used items inside to track the suspect back to his home.

Police said that the suspect took his own life inside the home after coming in and out a few times in a bulletproof vest.

The police are waiting for the Yolo coroner to release the suspect's identity. Pytel did not know if Corona and the suspect had any contact prior to the shooting but did say they believe he had contact with the department over a year ago when filing a missing vehicle report.

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