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Solano County CHP Officer Helps Free Baby Deer Whose Head Was Stuck In Fence

SOLANO COUNTY (CBS13) - A CHP officer recently helped a young critter that was stuck in a dangerous spot.

On Saturday, CHP - Solano posted a photo on its Facebook page of an officer holding a baby deer, also known as a fawn. According to the CHP, Officer Ensley responded to the call of an injured animal, and when he arrived, he found the fawn with its head stuck in a fence.

Ofc. Ensley was able to free the fawn and got his photo with it.

MAKING NEW FRIENDS This fawn will never forget the day it met Officer Ensley. After responding to a call of an...

Posted by CHP - Solano on Saturday, June 25, 2022

While Ofc. Ensley's help was necessary for the fawn to survive, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife says that, under normal circumstances, if you spot a baby deer, don't interact with it, even if it appears to be abandoned.

Adult female deer often leave their fawns in tall grass or brush for many hours while they look for food.

To report an injured or sick fawn that appears to be orphaned, you're asked to call your local CDFW regional office directly.

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