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California State Fair Working To Keep Guests Cool Amid Fears Of Attendance Drop

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Hundreds are braving the triple-digit temperatures for the California State Fair. But officials say the heat could put fair attendance in jeopardy.

"We do know that if it does get to be triple digits or higher, that some people will probably stay home," said Sabrina Washington, spokeswoman for the California State Fair.

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"It's tradition!" said Frankie Jo, a longtime fairgoer. "I come every year. You come with friends, you enjoy the heat. It's Sac, you just embrace it. We're used to it."

And these long-time fairgoers are braving triple-digit temperatures at the state fair.

"You come with friends, you enjoy the heat, it's Sac, you just embrace it, we're used to it."

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But not everyone wants to bake under the sizzling Sacramento sun.

"I'm melting!" said Jackie Kassis.

Last summer's fair saw a 5 percent drop in attendance compared to the year before.

"The one thing we do not have any control over is the weather so we can try to give our fairgoers ways to cool down," Washington said.

So this year, the fair has added 20 "cool spots" for visitors like overhead misters and full-body misters. Families can find otters and critters inside air-conditioned buildings and cool down charge up stations too.

"There are misters or some shade and you can plug in your cell phone and charge up," Washington said.

But the coolest spot could be the silent disco party.

"Dancing to the music in your head," as Washington described. "The DJs back here, spinning all sorts of tracks."

"People coming around and that's all they're getting.

"They're either getting ice cream, they're getting churro sandwiches, something to cool them down, you know what I mean," said Hondo Leon, who works at the fair.

But if you just can't take the daytime heat, a sunset trip with cold drink is always an option.

To learn more about the cool zones, you can find the state fair map here

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