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The Black Graduation Gap

Overall, graduation rates are up on California State University campuses. But stubborn racial inequities remain.

In partnership with CalMatters, CBS News Sacramento examined the graduation equity gaps on CSU campuses.

In the first of a two-part series, we reveal how the CSU system is essentially hiding the fact that it is failing black students. Data analyzed by CalMatters revealed the way California bundles so-called "underrepresented minorities" to track achievement goals statistically ignores the failure rate of Black students.


"We don't want to hear uncomfortable data": Revealing the Black graduation gap at CSU schools.

CSU made changes to the way it reports equity data in response to the initial reports.

In a follow-up solutions-journalism piece, we take a closer look at why Black students are being left behind and we examine some of the programs and policies that schools are using to help close the Black graduation gap.


"We leaned into the uncomfortable": How some CSUs are working to close the Black graduation gap.

View the CalMatters companion series here: 


Lagging behind: Cal State's education of Black students

CalMatters Higher Education Reporter Mikhail Zinshteyn and CalMatters College Journalism Network fellow Michaella Huck contributed to this reporting.   

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