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Best Places To Vacation Alone

There are many reasons why you might find yourself traveling alone. It could be because no one else can afford the time off from work or get away from their responsibilities back home. It could also be because you want to go on an adventure of self-discovery and need the time alone. No matter what you reasons might be, there are many places around the world that are perfect for those wanting to go on a vacation by themselves.
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Las Vegas

No one asks any questions in Vegas, because what happens there, stays there. Especially if you plan to visit Vegas by yourself. There is so much to do that you are sure to have a great time and not feel like you are alone. While in Las Vegas, you can enjoy everything from shows to fine dining and relaxing by the pool and testing your luck in the casino. The best thing is you are on your schedule and you can go see and do what you want, when you want. Another benefit is you will have an easier time getting seats at shows and restaurants for just one, mostly because you will fill in those left over seats from larger groups that do not fill up the entire row.

Everyone is in Vegas looking to have fun and they are very friendly. This means you can easily strike up a conversation while sitting at the pool or enjoying a drink at the bar. You may be alone, but you will not feel like you are.

Theme Parks

Theme parks are another great place where you will not feel alone when traveling solo. Visiting the theme parks offers you the opportunity to take your time, see what you want to see and do things you typically cannot do when others are with you. Many theme parks, such as those owned by Disney and Universal, offer plenty of activities that are perfect for visitors of all ages, including those flying solo. The staff is trained to be entertaining and you are sure to strike up a conversation with someone waiting next to you in line.

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New Zealand

Not everyone is a fan of "Lord of the Rings" films, which is why some fans may find themselves traveling to New Zealand by themselves. However, what they don't realize is that there is so much more there than search for Hobbits. While there, you can enjoy everything from climbing glaciers to exploring rain forests and going bungee jumping to hiking on Milford Track. If you are traveling alone, you will not feel alone. While there, you will run into some of the friendliest people in the world. New Zealand is definitely a solo traveler's dream vacation destination.

Auckland offers breathtaking views of volcanic craters and magnificent harbor. You can enjoy a bite to eat at the city's fish market or enjoy the live music along Auckland's waterfront. Don't forget to make your way to the Sky Tower where you will have a memorable view of the city and surrounding areas. These are just some of the exciting things you can do when traveling solo to New Zealand.

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Oslo is a very friendly city and offers plenty of things to do. Your experience in Norway will be like no other in the area and you are sure to have a blast visiting by yourself. In addition to all of the smiling faces and friendly service, Oslo offers visitors excellent access to public transportation, making it possible to easily get around the city.

The best way to enjoy Norway when flying solo is to take one of the many tours available. A fun trip is traveling aboard the Hurtigruten, a coastal steam liner that sails up the coast of the country into the city of Bergen. From there, you can explore the country's fjords and ports along the way. The best thing about visiting Norway alone is you can kick back and reflect on things while being amazed by the Northern Lights.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the happiest places in the world to visit. You will be able to go surfing, rafting and relax at one of the many lodges throughout the country. In Costa Rica you will be able to try new things and experience new adventures. Your solo trip can include everything from trying the local cuisine to meeting the locals and relaxing at the beach and taking the time to rediscover yourself.

Though Costa Rica is the happiest place to visit, it is imperative to be careful when traveling alone. This is still a relatively safe country to visit alone, but it is always a good idea (no matter where you plan to visit) to be vigilant and follow any and all safety measures possible. To ensure you are as safe as possible when in Costa Rica make sure you do your homework and are familiar with the area. When walking somewhere, do it fast and know where you are going before you leave.

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