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Audio: The Carmichael Dave Show - September 28, 2011

Today, Carmichael Dave was joined by Jeremiah Jackson, the founder of the "Think Big" campaign here in Sacramento. "Think Big" is a movement to help people see the big picture about building a new Sports Entertainment Complex. They discussed the recent City Council meeting and what the 7-2 vote means for the chances of a SEC being built. The city council voted 7-2 to set aside roughly $500,000 for research and surveying for the new arena.

David Taylor from the Icon group joined the show to discuss the City Council vote the night before also. David is a commercial real estate developer who has spent the last 15 years dedicating himself to the sports industry helping cities get new arenas. He also discussed what he thinks the chances are of getting a new arena.

Marcos Breton came on to discuss many topics including the SF Giants and the tumultuous season they had, the injuries and how that affected their season. The subject of the city council vote came up and the new arena being one step closer to being developed and started

Sam Amick from came on to discuss the NBA labor talks, and gave perspectives on both sides of the lockout. Sam also gave his opinion on if he thinks any regular season games will be missed

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