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Amador County Landlord Waits Weeks For Propane, Company Cites 'Gaps In Communication'

VOLCANO (CBS13) — More viewers are reaching out to CBS13 about delayed propane deliveries after the major December storms. One woman from the small town of Volcano in Amador County reached out to Kurtis after waiting weeks for the tank on her rental property to be refilled.

"It's getting down to the nitty gritty here and I didn't know what to do," said Darnelli Midili. "I didn't know what to do."

She says that she initially called the company AmeriGas for a refill just before the holidays and was told to expect a delivery on January 10. Nobody showed, she said, and when she called back, the delivery was rescheduled for January 17.

It wasn't an ideal situation for Midili because she had new tenants moving in who had already given notice on their previous home. They also tried to schedule deliveries, unsuccessfully, she said.

"It just didn't happen," she said. "This went on for several times, several appointments, to no avail."

After hearing from Midili, we reached out to AmeriGas with a series of questions about the ongoing delays and what the company is doing to better communicate with its customers.

Over the phone, a spokesperson for AmeriGas said that the company's delivery teams were fine and Midili's situation was a "one off" due to "a lot of gaps in communication." 

Just like in previous cases, AmeriGas was able to clear up the confusion after we got involved. Midili had the propane delivered later that same day.

"It was a miracle, but it happened yesterday," she said. "I got the propane delivered and the tenants were able to move in."

In order to avoid delays in delivery, AmeriGas recommends customers order refills online when tank levels are between 35 and 40 percent.

Read their full statement below:

"AmeriGas takes pride in ensuring that our customers have full tanks and warm homes. As we add resources to areas that have been affected by weather delays, we are encouraging our customers to order online when tanks levels are between 35-40% to allow us the notice we need to make prompt delivery. This situation is also a good reminder for landlords and tenants to communicate and synch up to avoid confusion, as we do our very best to serve them."

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