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Zeoli Show Log 7.7.15

3:02 Illegal immigrant deported six times charged with hit-and-run felony.

3:20 Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb announced last week that he is running for President.

3:37 Washington Post: Amy Schumer's jokes are racist.

3:51 The White House blamed Republicans for withholding funds to secure the border.

4:00 Rich talks with Greg Piper from the College Fix about University of Minnesota students adopting an affirmative consent policy in regards to sexual relations.

4:18 Michigan case leads to calls for fix to sex offender registries.

4:20 Donovan McNabb was arrested for the second time for allegedly driving while under the influence.

4:24 A Florida man was sentenced to prison and must register as a sex offender for having sex on the beach.

4:33 Rich talks with Ed Rendell about the current state of Hillary Clinton's campaign for President.

4:48 Rich talks with Philadelphia Daily News Columnist Christine Flowers about her admission that she was wrong about Bill Cosby.

5:00 Rich talks with Brandon McGinley from the PA Family Institute about their support for a "stripper registry" bill.

5:36 New Jersey Democrats want Governor Chris Christie to resign to continue is run for President.

5:38 This woman said sharks will eat you if you go in the ocean.

5:41 Whoopi Goldberg refuses to believe Bill Cosby is guilty of raping anyone.

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