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Zeoli Show Log 7.10.15

3:00 The Memphis City Council voted unanimously to move the remains of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest.

3:33 Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter says Donald Trumps comments about immigrants violates human decency.

3:34 Pennsylvania's tolls are rising again.

4:00 The Montgomery County District Attorney's office is weighing charges against a Hatboro City Councilman who shot an alleged bank robber.

4:42 South Carolina has removed the Confederate flag.

4:50 An actress on Broadway snatched a cell phone away from a member of the audience for causing a distraction.

5:10 Texas Senator Ted Cruz said he stood with Donald Trump's comments on immigration.

5:17 CBS 3 Meteorologist Kate Bilo was inundated with complaints on Twitter for cutting in with live weather updates during Big Brother.

5:22 A baker in Virginia is making Confederate flag cakes.

5:25 The FBI admitted a flaw in the background check system allowed Dylan Roof to buy  a gun in South Carolina despite a drug arrest.

5:27 A college professor says vegans need to overthrow society.

5:34 Restaurants are asking customers that stay too long to leave.

5:41 Pop star Ariana Grande has apologized after a video emerged of her saying she hates America and licking donuts.

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