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Zeoli Show Log 6.12.15

3:01 The President of the NAACP in Spokane, Washington is coming under fire for lying about her ethnicity.

3:08 Vox: How to make sense of Rachel Dolezal.

3:26 The Daily Beast: How did Rachel Dolezal convince people she was black?

3:38 A transgender MMA fighter is having a successful career against women.

3:43 Philadelphia Schools closed early today because of the heat.

3:52 Jezebel: Rachel Dolezal definitely nailed the hair.

4:00 Rich talks to Dr. Mazz about a pathologist's assistant posting pictures of patient's organs on Instagram.

4:36 House Democrats voted down a trade bill endorsed by President Obama.

4:50 Rich and Greg review the week in music.

5:00 Rich talks with Lenore Skenazy, the author of the blog Free Range Kids, about parents being arrested after their kids were locked out of their house.

5:35 Rich talks with author HW Brands about his new book, Reagan: The Life.

5:50 Americans have bad taste in beer.

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