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Zeoli Show Log 5.26.15

3:00 A federal appeals court decided not to lift a hold on President Obama's executive action on immigration.

3:11 Josh Duggar may be dropped from the show, 19 Kids and Counting, after revelations emerged that he molested girls when he was 14.

3:48 Robert DeNiro has a special message for NYU's school of arts program.

3:51 George W. Bush has reportedly offered his services to officiate a same-sex wedding.

4:02 Bob Woodward said that George W. Bush did not lie to start the war in Iraq.

4:21 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie defended the Patriot Act last week, "saying civil liberties are useless in a coffin."

4:33 Rich talks to Ed Rendell about the Jim Kenney's victory in the Philadelphia Mayoral primary and the Amtrak train derailment.

4:54 Mathematician John Nash, portrayed in movie 'A Beautiful Mind,' was killed in a car crash over the weekend.

5:00 A news report alleges former President Bill Clinton set up a shell company to funnel money out of from the Clinton Foundation.

5:12 Following the death of John Nash, there were call for mandating seat belts be worn in the back seat of cars.

5:22 The IRS admitted to getting hacked.

5:48 The St. Louis Cardinals mascot is under fire for holding a sign that said Police Lives Matter.

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