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Zeoli Show Log 5.12.15

3:00 - Gov. Chris Christie spends $80,000 on snacks at football games.

3:19 - Harry Reid on Tom Brady's punishment suspension.

3:50 - Texas citizens scared of military training exercise.

4:00 - Jeb Bush talks about the Iraq War with Megyn Kelly.

4:30 - Associate Editor at Philly Magazine, Joel Mathis discusses reasons not to tax Airbnb when the Pope comes to Philadelphia.

4:50 - Movies made in Philadelphia

5:00 - Former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell talks about his new book, The CIA's Fight Against Terrorism From Al Qa'ida to ISIS.

5:20 - President Obama accused of being a sexist after comment about Elizabeth Warren.

5:30 - Investigative Journalist Seymour Hersh discusses his latest article exposing the Obama administration.

5:54 - Final Thought






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