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Zeoli Show Log 3.26.15

3:00 The German plane that crashed in the French Alps was deliberately brought down by the co-pilot.

3:34 The NCAA has voiced concern over Indiana's religious freedom act.

4:00 A building collapse causing a large fire has occurred in New York City.

4:01 Rich talks to Dr. Katie Schultheis about saccharin fighting cancer and a new medicare bill.

4:36 MSNBC apologized for a guest disparaging country music.

4:37 A man won $7 million after his dad gave him a lottery ticket.

5:02 Rich talks to Arthur Wolk, an attorney specializing in aviation litigation, about the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525.

5:34 A report has indicated that DEA agents participated in sex and drug parties with prostitutes funded by drug cartels.

5:38 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie reiterated his opposition to legalizing marijuana and said tax money raised from the drug would be 'blood money.'

5:40 The House of Representatives has passed a bill prohibiting watching pornography at work.

5:43 Washington Post: The 13 Words you can't say about Hillary Clinton.

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