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Zeoli Show Log 3.17.15

3:02 Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock is resigning over his controversial spending habits.

3:16 Robert Durst, the subject of an HBO documentary, was arrested and charged with murder.

3:38 Actress Ashley Judd is considering filing charges against trolls harassing her on Twitter.

3:51 A Penn State Professor was arrested for screaming about Venezuela during a flight.

3:54 A man was arrested for screaming 'Jihad' and charging the cockpit on  flight from Washington to Denver.

4:37 Starbucks is encouraging their employees to engage with customers in conversations about race relations.

5:03 A man was arrested for running an office pool valued over $837,000

5:19 The State Department says they are looking for Hillary Clinton's separation form regarding the private email account she used while serving as Secretary of State.

5:22 Following today's elections in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu will likely remain Prime Minister.

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