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Zeoli Show Log 2.9.15

3:00 The Student Government at the University of California passed a resolution asking the the state of California to divest from the United States.

3:05 In an interview with Vox, President Obama said the media overstates the threat of terrorism.

3:20 The University of Michigan spent $16,000 on a campaign to tell students to watch what they say.

3:33 Rich talks to Jay Michaelson from the Daily Beast about the stand off between an Alabama judge and a federal court ruling.

3:48 Residents of Red Bank, NJ now doubt a Brian Williams story that he was mugged there in the 70's.

3:50 CNN's Brian Stelter interviewed the helicopter pilot whose flight in Iraq in 2003 Brian Williams was not on.

4:00 Rich talks with Author Damon Root about his new book Overruled: The Long War for Control of the US Supreme Court.

4:22 ISIS is recruiting home grown terrorists to attack their home countries.

4:36 Rich talks to Dr. Damon Centola from the Annenberg School at the University of Pennsylvania about the development of trends, like baby names.

5:02 Philadelphia City Councilman Curtis Jones wants security cameras to be required outside of all Philadelphia bars.

5:33 Rich talked to Attorney Ron Levine, who represented a client convicted of making terrorist threats against his wife before the Supreme Court.

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