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Zeoli Show Log 10.31.16

3pm - Earnest: Obama Doesn't Think Comey Is Intentionally Trying To Influence Outcome Of Election

3:25pm - 'Morning Joe' Presents A Montage Of Democrats Praising James Comey: "Now vs. Then"

3:35pm - What If Clinton Wins North Carolina — And Loses Pennsylvania?

3:40pm - There Are Pro-Trump Planes Flying Around Center City Philly

3:45pm - Bridget Kelly's attorney mocks Christie over Bridgegate cover-up cover-up

3:50pm - Donna Brazile out at CNN amid leaks to Clinton campaign

3:55pm - Clintons Did Not Obtain Permits to Renovate Their New Chappaqua Home, Records Show

4pm - New polls show tight Clinton-Trump race nationally, battlegrounds

4:20pm - Carville Blows Up On MSNBC Anchor: Our Democracy Is Under Assault By Comey, The KGB And Republicans

5pm - Bill Clinton cheered 11th hour indictment that doomed Bush re-election

5:10pm - Joe Biden: 'I thought I could beat Hillary'

5:12pm - Tapper Sends John Podesta Into Full-On Nosedive — 'DO YOU KNOW THAT, JAKE? YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING

5:13pm - Dem analyst Doug Schoen: 'As of today, I am not a supporter of' Clinton

5:20pm - Medford police officers 'arrest' Hillary Clinton in Halloween 'joke'

5:25pm - Key To Choosing Your Adult Halloween Costume Wisely

5:40pm - Hillary Clinton enlists 'Daisy' from the 1964 ad to questions Trump on nukes

6:05pm - Rich spoke with Elizabeth Vargas regarding her addiction


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