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Zeoli Show Log 10.03.17

3pm- In the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has decided not hold a vote on a bill intended to deregulate gun suppressors. 

3:20pm- Brendan Kelly, a 21 year old Marine, is credited with saving the life of Rene Cesario, a girl he met hours earlier, during the shooting in Las Vegas. 

3:25pm- Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Carson Wentz tweeted that "the world needs Jesus in a bad way" following the shooting in Las Vegas. Some people on social media used the tweet as an opportunity to criticize the QB for his Christian faith.

3:45pm- According to reports, Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock sent tens of thousands of dollars overseas.

4:05pm- Last night, Jimmy Kimmel, James Corden, Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers, and Stephen Colbert used their late night show monologues to argue the merits of increased gun control laws.

5pm- Firearm fact check? According to Washington Post journalist Glenn Kessler, Sen. Kristen Gillabrand is incorrect when she states, "[w]hen someone gets shot by a gun with a silencer, it's quiet."

5:25pm- On MSNBC, former FBI agent Manny Gomez incorrectly claimed that hunters are in favor of gun suppressors so that deer are unable to hear the shot.

5:45pm- While speaking with Jake Tapper on CNN, Gov. John Kasich claimed that he would leave the Republican Party if it isn't soon fixed to his liking. 


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