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Zeoli Show Log 1.23.15

3:05 President Obama has abandoned telephone spying reform.

3:07 The President is also being criticized for agreeing to be interviewed on YouTube.

3:11 Vice President Joe Biden will visit Saudi Arabia after the death of their king.

3:18 In an interview with AARP Magazine, Bob Dylan said government is not going to create jobs.

3:21 The benefits of gas prices are starting to trickle down to more and more Americans.

3:47 Rich talks to CBS 3's Kate Bilo to preview this weekend's forecast.

4:01 Atlantic City's credit rating has been downgraded following the announcement of a state takeover.

4:03 Other lawmakers have been quiet on Governor Chris Christie's move in taking over Atlantic City.

4:32 Rich talks with foreign policy analyst Paul Bonicelli about the death of the king of Saudi Arabia and what will happen in the Middle East moving forward.

4:55 McDonald's latest rebranding is not going well.

5:20 Carl's Jr. released their Super Bowl ad that won't be aired during the Super Bowl featuring model Charlotte McKinney.

5:34 The NFL is still investigating the New England Patriots deflated ball controversy.

5:48 Parents who threw a party for their 5-year-old sent an invoice to another family to did not show up for the party.

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