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Zeoli Show Log 09.21.16

3pm - Clinton's Samantha Bee Problem

3:10pm - Kenney calls sanctuary city bill 'incredibly dangerous'

3:20pm - Anthony Weiner allegedly sexted with 15-year-old girl: report

4pm - Charlotte police shooting: Scott had gun, not book, chief says

4:30pm - Colleges turn to coloring books to de-stress students

5pm - We Shouldn't Give Away the Internet to Authoritarian Regimes

5:10pm - The Top 'Must-Win' States For Trump And Clinton

5:10pm - The New Cold War

5:20pm - 'Designated Survivor' Realizes America's Worst Nightmare

5:35pm - Trump Talks Minority Outreach in 'Hannity' Town Hall

5:40pm - Don King Uses Racial Epithet in Introducing Donald Trump

5:50pm - Army Vet Tears Into Obama for Telling Black Audience Not Voting for Clinton Would Be 'Personal Insult'

6pm - State Department Spox on Refugee Vetting Process: Is It Perfect? 'Probably Not, No.'

6:03pm - School lunch worker quits after being forced to refuse hot meal to poor student

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