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Zeoli Show Log 07.31.15

3pm - Hillary Clinton fed questions before her Meet The Press interview.

3:05pm - Document Dump: Hillary Clinton to release Clean Bill of Health

3:10pm - Cecil The Lion Inspires NJ bill

3:20pm - Chuck Todd calls out Hillary Clinton.

3:27pm - Rand Paul discusses Donald Trumps Success.

3:30pm - Dr. Ernest Small discussed the outrage over the death of Cecil the Lion.

3:50pm - N.J. woman confronts man killing geese.

4pm - Chief Strategist for the RNC Sean Spicer discussed the upcoming Presidential debate.

4:20pm - Cell Phone radiation could cause cancer.

4:25pm - Killing chickens is morally worse than killing Cecil the Lion.

4:30pm -  Ask The Doctor with Dr. Mazz - Dr. Mazz discussed the 4th Planned Parenthood video, scientist synthesizing exercises, and the HPV vaccine.

5pm -  Doctor deems Hillary Clinton fit to run

5:15pm - Ted Cruz responds to Mitt Romney's Tweet

5:30pm - Are Americans too sloppy? 

6pm - Soldier denied at 7/11. 

6:10pm - Phillies trade updates.



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