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Zeoli Show Log 07.29.16

3pm - Hillary Clinton burns Donald Trump: 'A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons'

3:30pm - Clinton accepts Democratic nomination, says 2016 'choice is clear'

4pm - Hillary Got the Founding of this Country Wrong 

4:30pm - Rich spoke with Mara Reinstein, the movie critic for Us Weekly, regarding the latest movies coming to theaters.

5pm - Ex-Obama Advisor Axelrod on Clinton: 'She Didn't Give a Great Speech'

5:05pm - Chuck Todd: Clinton Talked About Trump More Than Trump Talked About Clinton

5:14pm - Bernie Sanders' Face Was Dour During Hillary Clinton's Speech

5:20pm - Clinton vs. Trump: Who won Scranton during the DNC?

5:35pm - Fact-Checking Hillary Clinton's Acceptance Speech








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