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Zeoli Show Log 06.05.17

3pm- On Saturday, a terrorist attack in London left 7 people dead and many more injured. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. 

3:25pm- Sarah Huckabee Sanders took questions at today's White House briefing. But where was Sean Spicer?

3:35pm- An increase in global terrorism has led to a record number of American's purchasing guns to defend themselves. 

4:35pm- New Jersey Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli joins the show to talk about his run for NJ Governor and tomorrow's primary vote.

5pm- Should Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recuse herself from any case involving Donald Trump's travel ban executive order?

5:10pm- HBO talk show host Bill Maher is in trouble after making a controversial joke during his program on Friday night.

5:20pm- While appearing as a guest on CNN's State of the Union, Democrat Sen. Mark Warner told host Jake Tapper that he has seen no smoking gun linking Donald Trump to Russian officials. 

5:25pm- Rep. Nancy Pelosi claims that President Trump's decision to remove the U.S. from the Paris Accord was an act that dishonored God. 


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